Medication Administration & Calculation | Earn 2 CPD Points

Medication Administration and Calculation

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Course description

Healthcare Professionals

Medication safety is important for quality improvements in health care.

Safe medication administration is one of the major responsibilities of Nurses. The Nurse must ensure they prepare and administer medications safely. The manner in which a medicine is administered will determine to some extent whether or not the patient gains any clinical benefit and whether they suffer any adverse effects.

It is essential with drug preparations that Nurses practice infection control procedures. It is imperative to consider the manufacturer’s instructions when preparing intravenous medications to prevent fatalities. Effective medication administration also includes careful monitoring, recording, reporting and patient education.

This course enables the Nurse to update their knowledge on medication administration, practice medication calculations and improve confidence in safe drug administration.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recall medication terminologies
  • Determine factors influencing drug actions
  • Evaluate the understanding of medication errors and recognise how to prevent them.
  • Conceptualize the nurse's responsibilities in handling dangerous drugs
  • Use best practice guidelines in preparation of medications while referring to manufacturer’s guidelines
  • Assume correct technique of drug administration in various routes while managing special considerations
  • Develop medication calculation competency in relation to multiple scenarios –as solids, liquids and fluids under different infusion settings
  • Apply a nursing process in administering medications
  • Analyse the measurement systems and calculate the right dose of the drug
  • Describe the rights of medication administration

CPD Points

4 Points

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4 Hours (Self-Paced)

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